Naturally Handcrafted Bodycare


Kamuuda is a maker of artisanal body care products. We carefully handmake small batches of premium quality luxury soaps, body oils and skin balms.

All our products are 100% preservative free.

They are made from the purest edible grade oils and raw materials where possible.

Our soaps are made using the cold process of soap making and no pre made melt and pour base is used.

Raw materials are locally sourced from all over Bengal.

None of our products are made using any harmful fillers or other needless chemicals.

We use scalable making techniques that allow us to provide batch sizes that range from tens of pieces to thousands of pieces per batch.

Meaning: It doesnt matter if you are a new boutique looking to add a new product to your collection or a corporate looking for a cost effective answer for large quantities of handmade bodycare products….

….we will deliver.

Our clients include event managers, boutique Hotels, NGOs, designer natural skincare brands, fashion boutiques.